Want to own an Historic Guitar?

No, Benjamin Franklin didn't play these, just me. I'm sort of historic too, if you count daily average donut consumption.

I have decided to sell some of the guitars I've played through the years. I only use my Taylor these days and would love to have these guitars go to folks who have loved my music and CDs over the years. Most of these have been played on various CDs, including the 6-string I played on my very first album, Run This Way Forever. I've played all of these instruments either in the studio or at concerts on the road. 

Some guitars have had repairs over the years, re-set necks, replaced bridges, replaced head stocks, pickups installed, etc. All are quite playable and I’ve played each of them recently.  The Guild guitars, both the 6-string and 12-string, I've played in concert in the last year. Though you may want these to play - and I hope you do - I’m selling them mainly for the sentimental value of instruments on which were created songs that many people around the world have listened to and loved. All guitars are sold as-is and may not be returned. I will happily autograph each instrument if you request. Each guitar will be sold with a certificate of authenticity stating that it was once owned and played by me and included will be a photo of me playing any instrument you buy.   mt@michaeltomlinson.com
  ~ Michael Tomlinson

The following guitars are for sale:

  • 6-string Guild D-44   
12-string Guild F-212 

  • 6-string Fernandes electric guitar
• 12-string Ovation acoustic  SOLD!  
Nylon 6-string Parlor guitar 

P.S. I will most likely sell these but I'm open to barter as well. Don't be shy
about your offer, just know up front that I don't need no dang skillets.


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e-mail: mt@michaeltomlinson.com


The following guitars are for sale:

  • 6-string Guild D-44
  • 12-string Guild F-212
  • 6-string Fernandes electric guitar
• 12-string Ovation acoustic
  • Nylon 6-string Parlor guitar