~Want to Buy My 1967 Guild 12-String?~ ~Want to Buy My 1967 Guild 12-String?~ ~Want to Buy My 1967 Guild 12-String?~

Guild F-212   I've been playing this very warm and rich sounding Guild twelve-string since the mid-1970s. I bought it used when it was nearly a decade old and I wrote and recorded some of my most well known songs on it; Waves, I Will Not Pass You By, All is Clear, We Won't Ever Say Goodbye, Let Love In, Living Things. You can really hear the vibrant warmth of it on the finger picking songs in particular.

I haven't toured with this guitar in years and have decided to sell it. My hope is that someone who has really loved my music - and some of the songs born on it - will want to own and play it. It has an Acoustech pickup system in it and sounds as good plugged in as it does acoustically.

It's a very lived-in guitar. It's been injured and repaired a number of times. Sometime in the early 90s I broke the headstock off of it, or rather, a baggage handler did. But I had it glued back on and it's been fine ever since. You can still see the scar on the neck because I didn't care about the cosmetics of it and didn't want to take the time or pay money for the repairman to disguise the repaired neck.

Though I don't tour with it anymore, I do occasionally play it, including this very afternoon, when I got it out and played All is Clear on it. That song and a few others would never have existed if it hadn't been for the beautiful harmonics that ring out of it and caused me to hum those particular melodies. By the way, it still has taped to it's side a songlist from my shows back in 1983. You'll recognize several of the titles, but many are there that I never recorded.

My price is $2500. Obviously, I'm pricing it for it's value as a beautifully mellowed old guitar, but also for it's value to someone who has particularly loved my music.

I could use the money, but I'm open to partial barters, as well. Let me know if you're interested.

  Your friend in breezy Seattle,


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