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People sometimes ask me if there is something they can do to help me promote my music, to get it out in the world in a larger way or to create more performances. It is not always easy to find ways to keep making a living with my writing and singing and recording, so it means a lot to me that anyone would want to help. While the main thing you can do is to keep buying my music - and sharing it with others - I will list below some ideas below and if any of them call to you and you want to help, I thank you for your support.

1 - Financial Support - below are 6 ways you may do that: 
a) Use  credit or debit card
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b) If you have a PayPal account, send to my email address,
c) Or, if you prefer good ol' snail mail, you may write me at
   PO Box 15808, Seattle, WA 98115
2 - Private Concerts 
 I do public and private concerts all over the country. Often, it's the private concerts that help me to make a living so that I can also do public concerts. Of course, not many people are in the position to hire me and fly me out for a show. But if you're one who can, please click here to read more about my private concerts.
3 - Public Concerts 
 If you have an inside track to the booking of artists for concert series or venue, that can be just the help I need in order to attract the interest of the person in charge. Many times people simply send me the name of a venue. That really does me no good and here is why: the director at the venue actually needs to know my music or have some strong sense that he can bring me in for a successful performance - meaning usually, that the venue will make money. If you just tell me of a venue or person in charge, when I send my music and a letter, I'm just one of thousands of artists who want to do a show there and they have no real reason to offer me that. It nearly always takes a personal contact or someone willing to put forth the effort to convince management that I'm a good choice for a concert.
4 - Benefit Concerts 
 I have played many benefit concerts over the years and would love to do more. In order to make a living while I'm doing it, I usually need to charge at least a discounted fee. That works best if there are sponsors willing to cover my costs. That way the money raised with ticket sales can go fully to the cause. If you're interested in having me play a benefit concert, click here or feel free to write me and let's explore how that could happen.
5 - Sponsorship of an album, Song or Concert 
 I pay for almost everything I do out of my own pocket. A good percentage of my concerts are self-funded and produced. Which means I rent the hall and pay for sound and lights and advertising and all associated costs. Occasionally I've had companies or individuals step forward and offer financial support. In which case I can share the exposure with them, placing them on the tickets, website, even offering a table or banner at the event. I'm always open to hearing your ideas
6 - Facebook / Google 
 Mention me on your FB or Google page. In fact, if you will send a note to everyone on your personal email list, I'll email you a song you can send them as a gift from you. That is an excellent way to introduce me and my music and it's easy to send a song and easy for most people to click on it and listen.

I am grateful for your goodwill and for listening. Thank you.
   Your friend in sunny Seattle,

email me with your questions or ideas at