Through Eyes of Kindness ~ an afternoon gathering
Songs and conversation on Living in Kindness

Sunday afternoon, April 15, 3-6pm  /  Seattle, WA
Howdy my friends,

I am honored to have been asked by East West Books in Seattle to do a workshop of my own imagining. As well as the concerts I have performed for 25 years, for nearly a decade I also hosted weekend retreats called, A Gathering of Friends. People came to the village of Fort Worden on the Olympic Peninsula, from all over the US and Europe, and those gatherings changed mine and many others' lives. I used my music to bring us together and to open our hearts. And from that place the stories that flowed, the compassion that grew, the laughter that rang out, showed us all that in the deepest parts of ourselves, there is the same yearning for love, for joy, for forgiveness ~ and most of all, for kindness.

For several years after my retreats ended, I began to host afternoon Gathering of Friends in the cities where I was performing concerts. There was never a single gathering where I did not see miracles happen in the room - the miracle of some person telling precisely the story that others needed to hear or of some beautiful moment where every one of us knew why we had come and were grateful that we had.

I could have chosen anything for the focus of this gathering at East West Books, but what has so often come up for me is the need, the eternal desire, for Kindness in my own heart. Actually, this is no "workshop." I don't even know what that is. It will be a simple gathering; an afternoon of songs and stories and open conversation between us that will focus on Kindness toward ourselves, toward each other and all living things. There is no higher goal in my life. 

If this calls to you, I hope you'll join us. Just come and be. If you're moved to join in any part of the conversation, that will be wonderful. If what you need most is to quietly listen, that is perfect also. And Men, don't be afraid that this is too namby pamby for you. It won't be. Neither will it ask more of you than you feel you want to give. I'll play some songs and begin a conversation intended to open our hearts and help us all to find a deeper Kindness in our lives. Everyone is welcome.

Through Eyes of Kindness ~ an afternoon gathering focusing on
          experiencing Kindness in our hearts and in the world around us.
   Sunday, April 15, 3-6pm,
   East West Books, Seattle, 6500 Roosevelt Way NE
   206-523-3726 / 1-800-587-6002   
   Tickets $25