You're invited to
Michael Tomlinson's Thanksgiving Concert
an evening of songs and stories
Recorded Live for a Concert CD Release
Saturday, November 26, 7pm
Seattle (Wallingford neighborhood)

Howdy my friends, for many years folks have asked me to record one of my concerts so that they could take home the feeling of warmth and good will, and hear the stories that go with many of my songs. I'm finally doing it and would love to have you come out and join us and be a part of the recording. I could use your laughter, applause and good hearted enthusiasm to help me capture a night of songs and stories this Thanksgiving Season.

I've chosen a wonderful venue, Om Culture
(directions) which is near Gasworks Park. This lovely venue is frequently used for yoga and dance, drumming and community concerts. It's a very open and beautiful, warm and inviting space that I know you'll enjoy.

I know of course, that Thanksgiving weekend is spoken for well in advance for some folks, and that many travel during that time. But I also know that others are looking for something to do that weekend besides eat and shop and watch football. Well my friends, this is your answer. Bring your visiting friends and family and come out for a very friendly evening of music and stories. I may even ask you to tap your toes during my polka tunes. But mostly, it's an evening of gratitude and goodwill, being among your neighbors and listening to music with a whole lot of love in it.

I hope you can make it.

Tickets will be emailed: $25 each, or $35 w/live concert CD
Order Online
OR By Mail
$25 per ticket
$35 - Includes Concert Ticket --and-- a signed CD of the evening (sent to you by Dec 10)
Send check payable to Michael Tomlinson, PO Box 15248 / Seattle,WA 98115-0248
Before you mail your check, please email me at so that I may
      assure you that your seat is saved. I'll email you tickets and directions to the concert.
NOTE: if you are unwillingly unemployed and cannot afford to attend,
please feel free to email me.

Photo by Patricia O'Driscoll